How Rugged are your computers?

Depends upon the model. Our MaxPac, MaxRax, MiniRax, and MaxCube family is what we call semi-rugged. They are design to handle temperatures from freezing to 122F (50C), operating in dusk and blowing sand, but not in the rain, but rather in tent shelters. Inside their transit case they are practically industructable meeting all relavent MIL STD 810 requirements for transportation, including extreme drops, vibration, drops into ocean, salt fog, and so on. This is exactly what most our military customers want hitting the sweet spot of performance, rugged and value priced.

Our MesaMax product family is design for the most extreme conditions such as -32C to 60C (140F) and operate out doors in the rain, desert sun, and readable in bright daylight. This product is more of a fixed configuration and high priced.

Who can buy these?

Anyone not in a restricted country by the state department, except for the MesaMax, which is under strict ITAR control and requires a special license to ship to foreign customers.

Are these considered off the shelf products?

Yes, but all are built to order and require from 4 to 12 weeks deliver in large quantity.

Where do we buy MaxVision products?

From us directly or through our resellers. They are also offered on a number of government contract schedules. Just call us (256.772.3058) or email us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) directly and we can help you directly or refer you to someone more local to your area if you are international.

Do you do custom portable designs?

All the time. Depending on volume we can either modify a standard offering or if you are OEM or program focused we can design exactly what you need. For small system changes, there are either minimal or no engineering cost.

Does MaxVision provide rugged laptops or notebook computers?

No our focus is on higher performance platforms which support additional PCIe cards, larger disk storage, larger displays, and much higher compute power. We are planning some models which operate off battery and AC power. If an off the shelf rugged notebook will do the job, then use that. If not, then please consider our products or services to help you solve your problem.


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