Custom Design

MaxVision, Rugged Portable Computers LLC has designed custom solutions for full MIL SPEC ground support computers for the Shadow UAV; airborne applications on the AWAC E3 and P8 aircraft, NASA SOFIA 747 flying telescope, UH-60 helicopters and countless man-portable semi-rugged ground based specialty workstations and servers.   Some of these were semi-custom variations of standard products while others were new ground up designs.  We have designed for  private label OEM"s where a product is built exclusively for a customer, while other designs become future standard products in our catalogue.  All of these are options possible by working with MaxVision.

Small quantities of 1 to 10  usually involve a modification of our standard products to meet the requirement.  For larger quantities, a full custom designs are practical. Lead time ranges from 6 weeks to 26 weeks, depending on the level of design effort and certifications required.

How does Custom Design with MaxVision, Rugged Portable Computers proceed?

  • Starts with a phone call to 256.772.3058 or an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • A conference call is scheduled so that our team can truly understand the problem, special certification requirements, quantity and schedule.
  • A list of requirements is generated.
  • A concept CAD showing the preliminary design approach is provided for on-line review.  The concept design is refined and a final scope of work determined. This is usually done without charge for large opportunities.
  • With agreement from the customer, a written formal proposal is delivered stating a fixed price and schedule.
  • If the customer agrees and a purchase order is in place, final work begins.
  • Periodic progress reports and design progress reviews are made. Before we begin actual fabrication, a Final Critical Design Review is done interactively on-line using Skype.
  • If needed, a GOAT can be provided. This is a Guts On A Table of the exact electronics so software can begin final debug/testing while the final packaging and product delivery is completed.
  • A limited production run is made and provided for final customer approval.


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