There are a number of applications which require compact high performance servers such as:

  1. Cyber-attack Incident Response where the desire is to carry the server on aircraft as overhead luggage and not lose possession of the computer.
  2. Software Education held at remote venues such as schools, hotels, or corporations where the educator must come completely equipped to handle the load of 50 students
  3. Ground based vehicles, shipboard and aircraft rack mount short depth servers for various data collection and processing applications.

MaxVision, Rugged Portable Computers offers several solutions for this off the shelf.  We also do a great deal of full custom design as well as modifications to existing products to meet customer demands. Off the shelf standard products include:

  1. The CyberPac family, which provides several offerings for carry on Dual Xeon servers with up to 512GB of main memory 44 Xeon Cores, 10 SSD, integrated UPS, 6 PCIe slots and other options.
  2. The MiniRax family which provides a 12” deep 1U package which can support four removable SSDs, Optical and one PCIe x 16 slots. An optional 18.5” display is also offered. This can fit in a larger Pelican briefcase and be carried aboard aircraft.
  3. The MaxCube, which supports Dual Xeons, 512GB of main memory, 2 SSD system disk, and 8 x 3.5” data HDD allowing up to 96TB of data storage. Six PCIe slots, integrated UPS, with options for a 13.3” display/keyboard, and network switch all packaged in a cube-like structure that is shockingly small. Depending on the options, the MaxCube's volume is between 1 – 1.3 ft3.


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